Although in Arizona we love our monsoons, these storms often lead to a lot of unwanted dust and a surplus of water, which can wreak havoc on our homes. In Arizona, monsoon season is between June and September. After all, that is what a monsoon is: a weather pattern where dust kicks up ahead of a thunderstorm, bringing both dust and flash flooding.

Despite the welcome relief of water in the desert, Monsoons can be dangerous. They can inflict serious damage on the exterior of your home, so it is best to be prepared by following these monsoon safety tips:

  1. Take thunderstorm warnings seriously! We know the alerts on your phone are commonplace by now, by any thunderstorm notification designates a storm with winds over 60 mph.
  2. Keep your pets and family inside. The amount of rain produced by a monsoon can be startling. It is imperative that you stay safe by not allowing your pets or children to play in storm drains or washes, exciting as the rain may be.
  3. Monsoons can often cause flash flooding.Avoid water crossings and do not drive around barricades meant to protect you from water-filled roads. 

One of the most dangerous aspects of monsoons is the large scale debris that accompanies the wind and water, usually cacti and trees. Natural Mold removal regularly receives calls the night of or early the very next morning after a monsoon, with customers who lost not only a great large tree, but portions of their home to damage