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Monsoon Damage

How to Best Survive a Monsoon in Arizona

Staying safe ahead of a monsoon is the best way to prevent damage to your home. While there is nothing you can do to avoid a monsoon coming into contact with your house, there are some things you can do to prevent damage from occurring:

Keep your cars, ATVs, and other valuables inside
Place […]

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Monsoon Safety Tips

Although in Arizona we love our monsoons, these storms often lead to a lot of unwanted dust and a surplus of water, which can wreak havoc on our homes. In Arizona, monsoon season is between June and September. After all, that is what a monsoon is: a weather pattern where dust kicks up ahead […]

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Phoenix Monsoon Season

Arizona residents endure a heavy monsoon (summer thunderstorm) season. Arizona experiences more severe storms and rainy weather than other states. When a severe storm spawn a microburst the rainfall levels can be exponential. High winds, dust and severe downpours result in flash flooding that can damage homes and businesses during the monsoon season.

Beginning in 2008, […]

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Monsoon Season Can Cause Storm Damage in Phoenix

Monsoons are double-fold in Arizona. While monsoons can hit both wet and dry climates, in Arizona, they often offer a welcome quench of much-needed rain to areas. However, due to the dry nature of Arizona, and our frequent droughts, monsoons can lead to flash floods that damaged homes and businesses. This is due to the […]

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Monsoon Season Storms in Arizona

In the Valley of the Sun, summer temperatures often exceed 100*. With these higher summer temps come thunderstorms that evolve into monsoons.
Monsoons bring an increased level of humidity, but also welcomed rain to our dry Valley. In Arizona, we welcome monsoon season despite the humidity it brings, as the desert also often needs this water.
Monsoon […]

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